Code of Conduct


  1. Students who have enrolled for a course are implied to have gone through and fully understood:– The syllabus of the course enrolled for – The eligibility criteria for the course– The commitment of the students as stated in the student’s Code of Conduct
  2. Transfer of course to any other college is not permissible.
  3. Admission to a course is non-transferable to any other individual.
  4. Kindly go through the Notice Board for the Class Time Table, Exam Schedules, day to day activities, any change of schedule, placement updates etc.
  5. Fee once paid is non refundable.
  6. University has the right to change any syllabus without prior information.



  1. Photocopies of all the original documents submitted to the college should be kept by the students in sufficient quantity for any further use. No photocopies of any document will be given by the college.
  2. Receipts issued by the college against any kind of payments made should be maintained by the students safely as they may be needed for issuance of Identity Card, Library Card, Enrollment Number etc.
  3. Any changes in address and phone number of the students should be immediately notified to the college authorities .
  4. If the students are working or are engaged in any kind of business, the same should be known to the college authorities.
  5. All lectures discussed in the class should be attentively attended and proper notes should be made for the future references.
  6. For better clarifications of the subject related issues, books, articles and notes etc., student should consult either the Class Mentor, Subject-Teacher or Librarian.
  7. Exams can be written . Writing can be improved only by constant practice and not just by Reading and Learning.
  8. The students should actively participate in all extra-curricular activities of the college.
  9. All vehicles should be insured and parked at the vehicle stand only. The college will not be responsible for any loss or damage of vehicles or its parts.
  10. At every month-end feedback will be taken in prescribed form from the students so that the management comes to know the progress of the course and students’ problems, if any.
  11. Private tuitions are not permitted to college lecturers hence students must not approach for such unethical practices.

3.Payment of Fees

  1. Students have the option of paying the fees  in installments as agreed upon at the time of Enrollment. Plan/Invoice  once opted once will not change during the program of the study. 
  2. At the time of enrollment, student is supposed to collect his/ her invoice from the Accounts Department. In order to know the pattern of installments, students are requested to maintain the same and produce them whenever requested by the college.
  3. All fees are due on the 1st day of the stipulated month, however a grace period of 9 days is allowed. If the due fee is not paid by the 10th day of stipulated month then a fine of Rs. 100/-shall be levied every month till the date of payment.
  4. The mode of payment shall be either in cash, local cheque or demand draft.
  5. If the fee is not paid for two months from the date of accrual i.e. 1st day of the stipulated month then the college authority has the right to strike off the name of the student from the rolls. He will have to take re-admission for the resumption of the program, Re-registration charge is Rs. 2,000/-.
  6. Once a student chooses a particular fee plan i.e. lumpsum / two or three installment plan then he/she has to pay accordingly during the course. No change in the fee plan will be permitted.

4.Bus Facility

  1. Bus charges are payable at the beginning of the session.
  2. Bus charges are, not month-wise but, for the one academic session (2 semesters).
  3. Once you choose the bus facility, you cannot drop out in the current academic session (2 semesters). If you wish to discontinue then you may discontinue from the next academic session.
  4. If bus charges & college fees are due then first bus charges will be adjusted.
  5. Bus traveling without payment will attract a penal fee of 1000 rupees.

5. Attendance

  1. The college management shall fix a schedule for all classes. Students are required to attend classes regularly as per the schedule.
  2. 75% attendance is compulsory for students, in all the classes, to be eligible to appear in the exams. Student’s having less than 75% attendance will not continue in their chosen program.
  3. In case a student remains absent from the classes for 15 days or more without prior information in writing and approval of the same will be deemed to have dropped out and his/her name shall be struck off from the rolls. In such a case no claim or refund of fees will be entertained. For rejoining, the students would have to take valid permission from the college authorities and take re-admission.
  4. In case of medical emergency, submission of Medical Certificate from the Registered Medical Officer is mandatory.
  5. Students Appraisal Reports regarding his/her performance shall be sent to parents or guardians once in every 2 months. Discrepancies in the report, if any, may be communicated to the concerned faculty.

6.Test, Assignments & Projects

  1. Assignments, Projects etc. given to the students shall be completed and submitted within the specified time period.
  2. Students must appear in all periodic tests. Escapism will attract indiscipline fee and/ or punishment.


  1. Library facilities can be availed from 09.00 A.M. to 04.00 P.M.
  2. Library cards will be issued to the students on payment of Rs. 2000/-as security deposit  which will be refunded on producing the original receipt after the completion of the course.
  3. The membership of library is non transferable. Only two books can be borrowed at a time for a maximum of 15 days. Students can get the same book reissued, if required.
  4. If the borrowed book is overdue, a fine of Re. 1/- per day will be charged.
  5. In case of loss or damage of book, the student shall have to bear the expense of the book.
  6. In case of loss of Library Card/ I Card, a duplicate can be issued on payment of Rs.50/-.
  7. The Library Card is valid only for the duration of the course for which the student is enrolled.

8.Computer Laboratory

  1. Entry into the Lab is permissible only if it is a regular practical class of the students or the student has booked his/her machine time.
  2. Student shall not:
  • Be permitted to carry his/ her pen drive or CD in the lab.
  • Be permitted to play games.
  • Indulge in any misbehavior or activities that disturb others.
  • Use Internet except required and permitted by the faculty member.
  • Student shall adhere to the guidelines and instructions given by the faculty in the lab.


  1. Students are required to maintain decorum while attending the classes and in the college campus.
  2. All rules applicable in the college, with respect to use of Computers and other infrastructures must be strictly followed.
  3. College management reserves the right to suspend/debar/expel any student involved in unlawful or nefarious activities.
  4. Indiscipline of any kind will be punishable under Article 88 and 152 of the University Act.
  5. A committee comprising of 3 members would allow one hearing to the student and can even decide on suspension/ rustication of the student based on the complaints received.
  6. Ragging is a crime and will result in serious consequences.
  7. Using Cell Phones , chewing  Gutkha / betel nut /gum will attract a penalty of Rs. 100/-.
  8. Student will always come in uniform except Wednesday ,Saturday & certain notified days. Non adherence to discipline will attract an indiscipline penalty of Rs. 100/-.

10.Foreign Students

  1. Foreign students should submit the following documents at the time of admission.
  • No Objection Certificates from:

          -M.D.S University, Ajmer

          -Additional S.P. (CID), Ajmer

          -Foreign Registration Officer, Ajmer

  • Photocopy of their Passport
  • Photocopy of their VISA.

11.Anti- Ragging Disclosure

  1. Ragging in any form is banned at the campus. It is a punishable offence according to the guidelines of the Honorable Supreme Court of India. Aryan has zero-tolerance policy on ragging. The institute will take disciplinary action/legal proceedings/ expulsion from the institute as per the directives of the Supreme Court of India if any student/students is/are found guilty inside or outside the premises of the Institute. For Ragging Helpline, contact: +91- 9555990446


A Student/ Parent can approach the following people for guidance and assistance:

  • Administration/ Class/ Infrastructure – Relationship Officer/ Mentor
  • Lab – Lab In Charge/ Subject Faculty/ Mentor
  • Placement & Grooming Activities – P & G Officer
  • Training Activities – Training Officer
  • Academics/ Syllabus – HOD or Subject Faculty
  • Student Appraisal – Mentor
  • Reference Material – Subject Faculty/ Librarian
  • Payments – Accountant
  • Sports/ Discipline – Sports Officer

Students can communicate & discuss their problems with the Mentor or Relationship Officer so that appropriate measures can be taken to improve the quality of the services.